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Tuition And Financial Assistance

St. Mary School System is committed to keeping tuition affordable and to offer financial assistance where needed to ensure all families can choose an excellent Catholic education for their children. St. Mary allocates donor funds through our Fr. Lew White Assistance and Family Award Assistance as well as grant funding for Catholic and non-Catholic families with financial need.

2021-2022 Tuition

Preschool- 3 & 4 Year Olds

$22.50/day Preschool Prime Time 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
$27.00/day Preschool Extended 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM
$30.00/day Preschool and After-school Preschool care 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Preschool is offered Monday through Friday.
Please complete the online Preschool Day/Time Form to schedule your child’s time.
A $50 non-refundable fee is required at the time of registration to place your child on the Preschool list.
$ 2.00/day (PK-12th) Before School Care 6:45 AM – 7:15 AM
No charge for students 7:15 AM to beginning of class
$8.00/day (K-12th) After School Program 2:30 -5:30 PM

Tuition Grades K-12

Tuition Assistance is available to all K-12 Catholic and Non-Catholic families.

FACTS applications should be completed and submitted for consideration by April 1st.

Catholic Rates (Subsidized)

Grade Tuition Rate (Minus) Parish Subsidy Total Subsidized Tuition
K-5th $6,215 ($2,575) $3,640
6th-8th $6,400 ($2,575) $3,825
9th-11th $6,725 ($2,575) $4,150
12th $6,990* ($2,575) $4,415

Non-Catholic/Non-Subsidized Rates

Grade Total Tuition
K-5th $6,215
6th-8th $6,400
9th-11th $6,725
12th $6,990*

*12th grade tuition includes Senior Retreat and Graduation Cap/Gown, Diploma

Fees and Deposits

Blackbaud SmartTuition™ Fee - $50 per P-12 family annually is required to set up tuition, preschool, and before/after child care payments through our 3rd party tuition payment system.

Technology Fee - $100 per K-12 family annually to support technology hardware and software at all levels.

Textbook Fee - $120 per K-12 student annually.

Chromebook Rental Fee - St. Mary is a one-to-one device school system. Students may supply their own device in compliance with school requirements or students may opt to rent a Chromebook from the school.  The rental fee is $50 per semester per Chromebook.

Registration Deposit - a non-refundable registration deposit is required for each K-12 student registering for the 2021-2022 school year. This deposit is applied toward fall tuition. A non-refundable registration deposit of $50 is required for all preschool students. The preschool fee is non-refundable and holds your child's place in the program. 

All fees and deposits are non-refundable.

Families who pay K-12th grade tuition in full by July 15, 2021:
Receive a 1% tuition discount for K-12th grade and 
do not pay the Blackbaud SmartTuition fee.

After-School Program

St. Mary School System offers an after school care program for students in Preschool-8th grade Monday-Friday. The program is located at the elementary school and includes structured homework time, snack, and free play.

After-School Cost

Cost (2:40PM-5:30PM) - $8.00/day for K-8th grade students. For preschool, the cost is included in the Preschool and After-school Preschool Care rate of $30/day.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available for Catholic and non-Catholic families. Tuition Assistance is awarded to families with students in K-12th grade who have successfully met the criteria for admission and have submitted the Tuition Assistance application completely.

Apply for Tuition Assistance

Follow these simple steps to apply for assistance:

  1. Complete the Registration Application.
  2. Complete the FACTS Tuition Assistance Application.
  3. Submit all tax forms and other supporting documents to FACTS.
  4. Once you have submitted the complete application, FACTS will notify the St. Mary Finance Office.

Tuition Assistance FAQs:

Subsidy is one way the local parishes support Catholic education and the families who choose a St. Mary education. This is not based on your income or financial situation. Participating parishes generously provide up to $2,575 per child per school year for families meeting the requirements of their parish. It is each family’s responsibility to contact their parish regarding how to receive subsidy. Subsidy is available for K-12th grade students.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Ashley Wright at or 270.442.1681, ext. 286.

Students in grades K - 12 are eligible to apply for tuition assistance. Preschool is not eligible for tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance is based on need and funds available. Families must first complete a FACTS tuition assistance application. This information is verified through FACTS and provided to the System Director who will determine the amount of the award based on the funds available, the number of applicants requesting assistance, and the need of the family.

It is our goal that need-based financial assistance is provided as objectively as possible. Therefore, St. Mary utilizes a third-party system called FACTS to handle the tuition assistance application and verification process. Once the application is completed and returned, FACTS provides all of the necessary information for St. Mary to distribute need-based tuition assistance.

It does help to talk with the Director if there are extenuating circumstances or needs unable to be shared on the application for tuition assistance consideration. All information provided by the family through FACTS or in talking with the Director is held in the strictest confidence.

Once you have completed the registration application and been accepted, you may then apply for tuition assistance. The bulk of assistance is awarded before the school year begins. It is important to apply for assistance as early as possible to ensure availability.

A family’s financial situation may change from year to year. Therefore, all families seeking tuition assistance must reapply each year.

Yes! There are other ways to reduce tuition that do not involve need based tuition assistance. SCRIP- To learn more about Scrip and how you can easily use it to reduce tuition, please click HERE.

Referral Program- If you love St. Mary, tell your friends! They will receive a discount if they enroll and so will your family!

St. Mary does not charge tuition for the fourth (or more) child concurrently enrolled at St. Mary and attending kindergarten - 12th grade.

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