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St. Mary Education Committee

The St. Mary Education Committee (SMEC) meets on a monthly basis to support the operations and goals of the school system. Committee members are appointed by the Episcopal Vicar and work in conjunction with the System Director and the Superintendent of the Diocese of Owensboro to lead the school system. The goals of SMEC are to further the Church’s educational ministry, foster the mission of the school, provide direction and stability, represent the stakeholders, and support the administration.

Fr. Brad Whistle (Episcopal Vicar)
Andrew DuPerrieu (Chair)
Michael Eck
David Gavin
Paul Humm
Krista Lea
Chris Miller
Colleen Stovesand
Stefanie Wilcox
Amanda Wurth

Management Team

Monica Hayden, System Director
Doug Shelton, Middle/High Principal
Mary Smith, Elementary/Preschool Principal
Robin Mowers, Finance Manager
Ashley Wright, Advancement Director

SMEC Board Minutes 2022-23 School Year

Fr. Brad Whistle Episcopal Vicar

Monica Hayden School System Director
Doug Shelton Middle and High School Principal
Mary Smith Elementary and Preschool Principal
Dacia Beard Preschool Teacher
Tamara Berry High School Math
Lyndsey Birdsong Resource Teacher
Rachel Birman Music and Choir
Merlita Bradley High School Science
Sheena Brown Daily Substitute Teacher
Jill Brewington Elementary Fifth Grade
Marilyn Cash Middle School Resource Teacher
Michele Chandler Elementary Fourth Grade
Lisa Clark Learning Support and Technology Coordinator
Whitni Cobb Preschool/Elementary
School Nurse
Julia Colgan Middle School Religion
Tracy Courtney Middle School Math & Guidance Counselor
Carrie Crouse Speech Therapy
Peggy Culbertson High School Guidance Counselor
Bernadette Culp Afterschool Care
Tom Deshler Maintanence Staff
Callie Dismukes Elementary Librarian
Rebekah Duncan Elementary First Grade 
Cathy Lyles Elementary Art/ Elementary Enrichement
Brad Ehlers Athletic Director & Middle/High School Physical Education
Erica Esche Instructional Support
Cecelia Farrell Elementary Second Grade
Kelly Ford Learning Support Specialist/High School French
Rachel Gavin Middle School English 
Allison Green High School Math
Sue Hein High School Art
Jennifer Higgins Middle/High School Cafeteria Manager
Mary Higgins Elementary Administrative Assistant
Tammie Horbovetz Human Resources
Chris Hrdlicka  High School Religion
Paula Hudson Elementary Cafeteria Manager
Kelli King Kindergarten Teacher
Amy Krueger Middle School Social Studies
Vicki Lamb Elementary Resource Teacher
Christopher Lanier Preschool Aide
Frank Lewis High School Science
Stacey Marshall High School History
Jessica McClain Elementary Foreign Language
Beth McCoy Preschool Administrative Assistant
Amy McGee Kindergarten Teacher
Robin Mowers Finance Manager
Julio Myers Elementary Physical Education Teacher/Elementary Athletic Director
Jenny Nunley Elementary Third Grade
Celia Owens Elementary First Grade
Shawnda Pacheco High School/Middle School Foreign Language
Darlene Paschall Preschool Teacher
Mara Persic Middle/High School Administrative Assistant
Melissa Reed High School English and Religion
Regina Russell Middle School Science 
Merceilo Roth Elementary Second Grade
Sara Sanderson Preschool Teacher
Alexandra Shaw Elementary Fourth Grade
Crystal Smith Preschool Aide
Regina South Preschool Teacher
Danny Spees Custodian
Tiffany Stewart Elementary Third Grade
Randall Stairs Custodian
Katy Taylor Preschool Aide
Brittney Washam Orchestra and High School Technology
Lisa Wilkins Middle School Science & Social Studies
Peggy Word Middle and High School Administrative Assistant
Ashley Wright Advancement Director
Pamela Wright High School English and Broadcast Journalism
Lisa Zakutney Admissions and Alumni Coordinator
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