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Elementary School (K-5)

Welcome to St. Mary Elementary School!

Learning at St. Mary Elementary is about developing the whole student. We want each child to broaden their minds and their faith, master foundational skills, always be curious, and grow to their fullest potential.

Students receive standards-based instruction in math, language arts (reading, grammar, and writing) science (STEM), social studies, and religion. Our curriculum exceeds state requirements and prepares our students to excel as middle school students.

Students participate in and help to lead weekly Mass. They receive daily religion classes and prayer is an important part of each day.

Students participate in a rotation of special classes each week that allows them to explore and learn in different ways:

  • Spanish (daily)
  • Art
  • Music
  • Computer/Technology
  • Library
  • Physical Education

At St. Mary Elementary, we believe that play is an important part of learning. Research tells us that recess is crucial to a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Each day our students receive two recesses (one shorter and one longer).

Technology is integrated across the curriculum during daily instruction through the use of our computer lab, Chromebooks, and multiple SMART Panels. St. Mary is a 1:1 device school allowing each student to access to an individually assigned Chromebook to enrich their academic experience at school and at home.

Programs such as LEGO Education WeDo, elementary Robotics Club, and Coding League enables further technology integration into our classrooms and extracurricular activities.

Elementary is an important time to explore interests and with that in mind, St. Mary works to provide many outside the classroom opportunities for our students:

  • Elementary Orchestra
  • Elementary Choir
  • Academic Team
  • Robotics Club
  • Coding League
  • Art Workshops
  • After School Art
  • Cross Country Team
  • Track Team
  • Junior Viking Basketball
  • Junior Viking Cheer
  • 4-H Club
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts

St. Mary Elementary is pleased to provide an on-site Speech- Language Pathologist to serve the students with speech services at school.

It is in the very mission of St. Mary School System to “empower students academically” and this means we work to meet our students where they are in their learning journey and move them forward. St. Mary offers individualized learning opportunities through our resource teachers. These teachers work with a student or small groups of students who need additional academic supports in order to be successful.

Additionally, our resource teachers also work with individual or small groups of students who are accelerated learners to broaden their understanding and provide challenging enrichment opportunities for them to grow.

Throughout the year, students in 1st through 5th grades participate in Success Labs. Success Labs allows students from various grades to be grouped with other students to work on specific academic skills.

St. Mary Elementary is committed to helping our students become a positive influence on others. One of the ways we do this is through serving others. Each year and in each class, our students participate in service projects. These may be class specific or it may be a school-wide service project, but serving others is a point of focus at St. Mary. Every student will have opportunities to serve others both on and off campus throughout the school year.

St. Mary High School students help with classroom activities and mentorship through our Experimental Education Program. In addition, the elementary students are each part of a Faith Family. The Faith Families are comprised of students from various grades (K-5th) which meet each month to do activities, pray for each other, and simply have fun. Our Faith Families provide our students with opportunities to create new friendships and gain valuable teamwork and communication skills.

Each grade plans curriculum-related field trips off campus. Though always fun, field trips are an important part of the learning experience at St. Mary Elementary.

Classes regularly visit the Carson Center, the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Mammoth Cave, National Quilt Museum, Discovery Park, and many others!

Our after-school program for grades K-8th grade is offered daily until 5:30PM. Each day we provide snacks, homework time, and active play. There is an additional fee for this service.

In addition to our after-school program, we also offer a variety of special after school opportunities including art workshops, orchestra, choir, and more.

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