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Advanced And Supportive Studies

At St. Mary, our goal is to meet each of our students where they are in their learning journey. Our teachers recognize that each student's ability and development may evolve differently. Our goal is to accommodate advanced learners with challenging enrichment opportunities for our elementary students to high level Advanced Placement course work in high school. We also work to provide supports in the classroom and outside the classroom for our students with learning differences.

Advanced Studies

We strive to meet the needs of accelerated students in our K-5th grade curriculum. Elementary teachers may offer an accelerated curriculum with in the classroom for advanced students. This allows our teachers to individualize a student’s experience and challenge them academically within the classroom.

Older elementary students may participate in enrichment programs that are offered to students by pulling them out of class to work on project-based learning to facilitate deeper problem-solving and analytical skills.

In middle school, students may qualify for advanced math courses. In addition, eighth grade students may qualify for advanced courses where they can earn high school credit.

Our high school offers a wide range of academic courses to challenge accelerated students. With Advanced Placement (AP), honors, and dual credit courses offered, students are challenged to pursue higher level course work.

St. Mary High School consistently has a 100% graduation rate and we pride ourselves on how academically prepared our students are to be successful in their next level of education after graduation. In 2019, students received on average over $150,000 in scholarship offers with an average class ACT of 25.6.

Supportive Studies

At St. Mary Elementary, we recognize that all students learn at different rates. We strive to teach each child where he or she is. Teachers individualize curriculum as much as possible to meet the needs of the students in their classrooms. We have a resource teacher and a Title 1 teacher to help students gain necessary skills to be on grade level. We also use a modified RTI program which we call Success Lab where students are ability-grouped to work on specific skills.

For students who have a diagnosed disability, we develop an Education Plan based on the recommendations included in the psychoeducational test report. Teachers implement the accommodations in the classroom and we partner with parents to extend those accommodations at home. We also have a resource teacher and Title 1 teacher to provide individualized support when appropriate.

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