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The St. Mary Preschool program serves students three years of age and older throughout the school year. Our students are exposed to a variety of experiences in order that each child has opportunities for success academically and socially.  Our preschool curriculum encourages development of reading and language skills while helping teachers meet the individual needs of your child. Numeracy skills are also incorporated into these weekly activities.  

St. Mary Preschool promotes curiosity. Our school setting allows preschool students the unique opportunity to attend exploratory classes which include; Computer Lab, Library, and Spanish.

St. Mary Preschool promotes social development.  Each day the schedule offers a wide variety of activities that include rhythm, music, art, literature, physical education, and creative movement. 

St. Mary Preschool promotes play.  Play belongs to childhood and is a very important aspect of growth and development.  Play allows children to be creative while at the same time builds physical skills, develops social skills, and fosters problem solving skills.

All preschool instructors are bachelor degreed and/or have earned their Child Development Associate Credential.

Teaching methods include whole-class instruction, small-group centers, purposeful play, music and movement, in-house and out-of-house field trips and speakers, hands-on activities, and technology / STEAM exploration. Our preschool uses The Letter People curriculum to develop pre-literacy and numeracy skills which is based on 30 years of classroom research and testing.

St. Mary Preschool uses center-based curriculum which engages students through a structured, small group rotational format with high levels of teacher-student interaction. Children love exploring in these centers and learn valuable social skills, sharing skills and responsibility. These centers focus on math, science, development of fine and gross motor skills while also encouraging team-work, sharing and leadership skills.

Even our youngest students are encouraged to give back and grow in their faith through age appropriate faith lessons and contributing to service projects throughout the year.

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