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Top 10 Priorities for the 2022-23 School Year


1. Auxiliary Gymnasium

Objective - Build an auxiliary gymnasium adjacent to the Middle School wing. The auxiliary gym would allow for multiple sports to be played at the same time and multiple school-related events and P.E. classes to be held year-round.

  • 100% of donor funds have been committed.
  • Project has been approved by the Bishop of the Diocese of Owensboro
  • A&K Construction has been awarded the contract.
  • September 2022- Construction began
  • Completion is now expected to be Summer 2023.

Summer Programs

2. No-cost Summer Programs

Objective - Offer summer programs at no cost to families for students who have identified learning gaps, to prepare high school students for ACT/SAT, and to provide enrichment programs (i.e. STEM, Art, Spanish) for interested students.

Progress - COMPLETED
  • Programs staffed by current St. Mary faculty.
  • 2022 Summer Program completed! 
  • Nearly 20% of Elementary, Middle, and High School students participated in multiple camps throughout the summer.
  • No-cost camps for the 2023 summer are scheduled.


3. Expand Learning Resource Program in all schools

Objective - Expand resource programs to further assist students who need greater academic support and provide additional enrichment support for accelerated learners.

  • July 2022- Elementary teacher hired for enrichment programs designed for accelerated learners.
  • July 2022 -Learn Support Coordinator named to ensure continuity of support services for students as they move from elementary to middle to high school.
  • August 2022- all Learning Support Staff have been hired and are working at the elementary, middle, and high schools. 
  • Fall 2022- Middle School Reading Specialist hired to work specifically on reading skills for 6th-8th grade students.

Classroom Resources

4. Additional Classroom Resources

Objective - Equip classrooms system-wide with up-to-date technology and resources.

  • Funding secured through Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools (EANS).
  • Purchased 28 additional Smartboards for classrooms. 
  • Additional printers, document cameras, projectors, computers, and Chromebooks are provided as requested by teachers/staff to meet technology needs within their classrooms.

Teacher and Staff Salaries

5. Increase Teacher/Staff Salaries

Objective - Increase teacher/staff salaries to be more in line with local school districts.

Progress - ON-GOING
  • St. Mary is fortunate to have dedicated teachers and staff who focus on forming the entire child. We are working to increase salaries to the maximum allowed by the Diocesan salary scale.
  • July 2022 - Increases were provided for the 2022-23 academic year for most teachers and staff to move closer to the maximum allowed.

Outdoor Classroom

6. Elementary Outdoor Classroom

Objective- Create an outdoor learning environment that is equipped and easily accessible to teachers and students.

Progress- CANCELLED 
  • After evaluating need and safety, it was  determined that we would not move forward with this project.

Professional Development

7. Extensive Professional Development related to students with learning differences

Objective- Implement a year-long professional development program designed to give faculty/staff members the tools needed to embrace and educate students with learning differences.

  • Full funding has been secured for this training.
  • Partnering with Inclusions Solutions, who specializes in providing professional development to Catholic Schools. ( )
  • Training began in August 2022 and will continue throughout the year with in-person training and one-on-one mentoring.

Locker Room

8. Middle/High School Locker Room Updates

Objective - Update the Team locker rooms and the P.E. corridor locker rooms that St. Mary students use during school hours and by visiting teams during basketball and volleyball games.

  • Funding has been secured to renovate the Boys and Girls Team locker rooms.  
  • As of November 2022, both the Boys and Girls Team locker rooms have been updated.
  • Partial funding secured for the updates need in the P.E. corridor locker rooms.


9. Maintenance/Repairs System-Wide

Objective - Invest time and resources into maintenance and repairs across the system.

Progress - ON-GOING
  •  July 2022-  Preschool classrooms with carpet were converted to hard surface floors.
  • Plans are in place to overhaul the HVAC system in the Middle/High School. This project will take place in Fall 2023.
  • Repaving of the Middle/High School parking lot will take place during Summer 2023.

Pep Club

10. Creation of a Pep Club

Objective - Increase school spirit and pride in St. Mary!

Progress - ON-GOING
  • Increasing school spirit was identified as a student goal through the accreditation process.
  • August 2022, the St. Mary Pep Club began meeting with a school staff member as the club moderator.
  • Increased student attendance is visible at activities and games.

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