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St. Mary School System Mission:

St. Mary, a Christ-centered community rooted in Catholic tradition, empowers students academically, encourages selfless sacrifice, and nurtures learners to become a positive influence on others.

St. Mary continually works toward our mission in multiple ways to create a vibrant student body that is growing in faith, knowledge, and numbers. Below are specific areas that the school system will focus on during the 2023-2024 school year to develop students that will be a positive influence on others.

Top Priorities for the 2023-2024 School Year

School Safety

School Safety

Objective -
To evaluate and implement safety measures to protect all students, staff, and visitors.

  • Plans have been finalized for creation of a secured lobby area at the elementary school. Construction will take place over the 2024 summer months.
  • Options for reconfiguring the visitor entry points at the middle/high school building are being developed.
  • The elementary school is working on adding film on glass doors and windows to allow viewing from the inside only. 
  • Information and requirements have been gathered from the Paducah Police to determine if a School Resource Officer (SRO) is the best option for St. Mary.  Information on that process will be shared as it becomes available.
Progress to date in 2023-2024:
  • St. Mary Safety Committee formed.
  • New monitors were added for better viewing and access of visitors at both the elementary/preschool and middle/high school buildings.
  • Additional signs and room numbering for emergency response were updated or added as needed. 
  • Internal procedures for classroom safety, ongoing safety drills, and providing emergency bags for every classroom were completed.
  • After consulting with our local law enforcement agencies, changes will be made to building access. Over the summer, staff/volunteer access was changed to a monitored key fob entry to prevent the sharing of codes.
  • Additional security cameras were added in 2023 across the school system..
  • The Kentucky State Police provided Active Threat Training to all faculty and staff over the summer. We hope we will never need any of these skills, but it is crucial to be prepared.
  • All 6th - 12th students have received age-appropriate basic First Aid, CPR, and AED training. The plan is to continue this each year, with an annual review of the skills. Teachers and staff will have their First Aid/CPR and emergency event training prior to the start of the new school year. 

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Objective -
Create a long-term strategic plan through stakeholder participation centered on Catholic Identity and “best practices” that engage the St. Mary School community to identify key issues and set the future direction by defining strategic goals and objectives.

  • April 2023- Partners in Mission ( was contracted to facilitate the strategic planning process for St. Mary School System.
  • August 2023 to Present - Strategic Planning process is underway with multiple surveys, focus groups, individual interviews and data collected.
  • To ensure large-scale stakeholder involvement and complete thorough research, the strategic planning process is expected to take nine months and be completed by June 2024.

Maintenance/Repairs System-Wide

Maintenance/Repairs System-Wide

Objective -
Invest time and resources into maintenance and repairs across the campus.

Progress to date in 2023-2024:
  • October 2023- New auxiliary gym was completed and currently in use for games and P.E. classes.
  • Fall 2023-Repairs and updates to the high school gymnasium bleachers were completed.  New stairs and handrails were installed. 
  • Summer 2024 - Repair/rebuild the Middle/High School HVAC.
  • Summer 2024 - New sound systems in the elementary gym, middle/high school gym, auxiliary gym, and Commons area installed.
  • Spring 2024-Fall 2024-Plans are being developed to upgrade the St. Mary Soccer Field with the first phase focusing on resolving drainage and turf issues. 

Further Strengthen Learning Resource Programs

Further Strengthen Learning Resource Programs in All Schools 

Recognizing that Catholic Education should be available to as many students as possible, we seek to further grow and strengthen resource programs for students who need greater academic support and provide additional enrichment for accelerated learners.

  • Continue staffing our Learning Support Specialists, Accelerated Learning Program, Reading Specialist position, and Resource Teachers across the system.
  • Continue partnership with Inclusions Solutions ( to provide teacher coaching and professional development to create approaches to support all learners.
  • Fund specific trainings and materials needed to support differentiated learners throughout all grades.

Professional Development

Focused System-Wide Professional Development  

Objective -
Ensure teachers and staff have the individual and system-wide professional development needed to empower students academically.

  • Fund high-quality professional development specific to  teacher and staff needs. 
  • In line with new Diocesan requirements, all teachers will have their Basic CREDO Certification and, when required, be working towards their Advanced Certification. 
  • Implement specific training to ensure teachers and staff fully understand and utilize the extensive new technology within the classrooms. 

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